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Sunshine Multi-Plus Corporation started its business in 1986, during the time where there is a large demand for commercial and industrial pumps, electrical materials and general merchandise. In order to cater electrical, construction materials, lumber products, appliances and general merchandise to government and private companies.

During the same year, the company became an importer to water filters, Instapure (USA), and submersible utility pumps, Little Giant Pumps (USA), catering not only to the industrial market, but also to the domestic market. With its vision to cater to a large demand of the industrial sector of the country, the company expanded through the years, importing top quality industrial and commercial pumps, namely Calpeda Pumps (Italy), Finish Thompson Pumps (USA), ShinMaywa Submersible Pumps (Japan); and motors such as Teco Motor (Taiwan), and Franklin Electronic Motors (Germany/USA). In addition, the company imports Acejet Pumps and Water Meters and Buffalo Brass Fittings.

At the present, Sunshine Multi-Plus Corporation strives to reach its vision of being the leading supplier in the industry. The company continues to provide the commercial and industrial sector with superior, high quality industrial products that comply with international standards, innovative install-and-forget designs, with a competitive price. Sunshine Multi Plus assures every customer of the products’ reliability and the company’s commitment to quality and excellence.